Sinfönicca: Empress of the Grave (CD) bach and vivaldi meet heavy metal.

Sinfönicca: Empress of the Grave (CD) bach and vivaldi meet heavy metal.

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Sinfönicca is the neo-classical power metal project from Iron Tyger augmented by orchestral percussion, keyboards and additional guitar.

This powerful album features the legendary works by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Berlioz, Holst and Tchaikovsky fused with symphonic power metal to produce something new, amazing and totally innovative. These eternal works of musical genius combine beautifully with the power of hard rock to create new symphonic metal songs culminating in a heavy metal version of the 1812 Overture - the ultimate show-stopper to end all show-stoppers!

Add to that bubbling cauldron, a generous measure of melody, a fantastic performance by award-winning female vocalist and a killer band with red-hot licks.

The lyrical content is drawn from equally illustrious sources. What better place to start then with François-Marie Arouet, better known to the world as Voltaire? Then, add a generous measure of Macbeth by William Shakespeare and you have the wondrous formula for the Sinfönicca album.

Track Listing

Track Listing

Side A

1.Empress of the Grave/Bach Tocatta and Fugue

2,The Red Priest/Vivaldi Winter

3.Something Wicked This Way Comes / Berlioz Side

Side B

1.So Fair and Foul a Day/Tchiakovsky

2.The Hideous God of War/Holst


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