Iron Tyger – Merry Christmas Everybody (Limited Edition CD)

Iron Tyger – Merry Christmas Everybody (Limited Edition CD)

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Here is the ultimate Christmas celebration EP from Classic Rock Network Award Winners, Iron Tyger. Gathered together on this limited edition numbered CD for your delight this Christmas are hard rocking versions of four all-time festive classics.

We kick off with Merry Xmas Everybody, the immortal Christmas crowd pleaser by Slade. Then things get a bit mellow and reflective with I Believe in Father Christmas by the late Greg Lake. Next up is a hard rocking version of Last Christmas by Wham. Yes, you read that correctly! Imagine Bon Jovi meets George Michael and you are on the right track. The grand finale for this short anthology is Fairytale of New York with an added Celtic twist.

Have a great time and enjoy. Merry Christmas Everybody!

Track Listing

  1. Merry Xmas Everybody
  2. I Believe in Father Christmas
  3. Last Christmas
  4. Fairytale of New York



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