Sinfӧnicca – July Morning - The Uriah Heep Variations

Sinfӧnicca – July Morning - The Uriah Heep Variations

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'July Morning'  is the latest Sinfӧnicca album, a suite of variations on the music of Uriah Heep. This is an amazing project which is very close to producer Bob Carruther’s heart. Bob takes up the story.

‘I had the privilege of producing and directing films and making albums with Uriah Heep, Asia, John Wetton, Ken Hensley and Wishbone Ash. As classic rock lovers will know, the paths of the musicians who played in those bands crossed very many times. My favourite composer has always been Ken Hensley. He was a master of the craft who conjured up the most amazing gothic soundscapes.

Almost as soon as ‘Hammer of The Gods’ was in the can I knew that a suite of Uriah Heep classics sung by Roz supported by Gregorian Choir and featuring Ben Payen on viola would be a fantastic project. So ‘July Morning’ became the next offering in the Sinfӧnicca canon.

I had been pals and enjoyed working filming and recording with Trevor Bolder, Lee Kerslake, John Lawton, John Wetton and, of course, the great Ken Hensley. Unfortunately all five of these legendary musicians have since passed away.

The one thing that unites all of them is that they are all former members of Uriah Heep so I am proud to think that the ‘July Morning’ album will serve as a requiem for those who created this wonderful gothic music.

This is my personal tribute to the late great Ken Hensley, a true master of his craft.

July Morning - The Uriah Heep Variations

Track Listing

  1. Return to Fantasy
  2. Come Back To Me
  3. July Morning
  4. Easy Livin'
  5. Rainbow Demon
  6. Salisbury

Here's Sinfӧnicca rocking out as only they know how in the 'July Morning' promo video:


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