Rush – Moving Pictures (CD)

Rush – Moving Pictures (CD)

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Rush – Moving Pictures:

Moving Pictures is the ninth studio album by Canadian progressive rock band Rush, released on February 12, 1981, through Anthem Records. After touring to support their previous album, Permanent Waves, the band started to write and record new material in August 1980 with co-producer Terry Brown. With Moving Pictures, Rush's complex songwriting and musical virtuosity reached new heights. It's that rarest of creatures, a highly listenable progressive-rock album; even the all-instrumental YYZ is of interest to listeners besides musicians. The highlight of the album is Limelight; like many progressive-rock bands, Rush writes songs about the experience of being on-stage. The result is impressive, with almost orchestral arrangements that never overwhelm the actual music. Tom Sawyer, another classic, is on this album, as well as the science-fiction-meets-road-movie Red Barchetta, the epic The Camera Eye, the cautionary Witch Hunt, and Vital Signs, which takes advantage of the budding digital sound technology available at the time the album was recorded. This is probably Rush's best album; it's definitely their most accessible.

Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. Tom Sawyer
  2. Red Barchetta
  3. YYZ
  4. Limelight
  5. The Camera Eye
  6. Witch Hunt
  7. Vital Signs



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