Due to overwhelming demand from those who missed out on the first limited edition run back in 2015, this stunning Queen vinyl box set, which had completely sold out, has been re-manufactured in limited quantities and is once again available to order from the Rock Review Record store at rockreviewrecord.store

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Small wonder that so many vinyl collectors want one. This amazing anthology is a true milestone when it comes to classic rock items. This is something every vinyl record collector would want to have in their collection. You don’t have to be a diehard Queen fan to appreciate this astonishing work of art. This is an essential celebration of rock history which will enhance any record collection. Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it you can view the official Queen promotional video right here at rockreviewrecord.store. Queen official box set video 

 It’s no surprise that when it was first released the Queen Studio Collection sold out immediately. The price of the few used copies that came onto the market skyrocketed. The new edition was released in late November 2021 and demand has proved just as strong second time round.  Copies are already scarce. Prices for the few brand-new copies still available are rising fast.

 At time of going to press a strictly limited number of brand-new copies of Queen The Official Studio Collection Box are available from rockreviewrecord.store and …if you join our Club you'll get 25% off . So, if you want one this time round, you’ll need to move quick.  Get round to therarevinylstore.com now as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

 This 18 LP coloured vinyl LP box set comes with a lavishly illustrated 12 x 12-inch 108 page hardback book which features an in-depth introductions to each album, quotes from Queen themselves, hand-written lyrics, rare photographs, memorabilia, and information on singles and videos - all made possible with unlimited access to Queen’s own archive plus the personal archives of Brian May, Roger Taylor and some very generous community minded Queen fans.

 Brian in particular was really keen on the idea of producing a book which was actually much more than just a regular hardback book. Brain was intrigued and excited about the idea of presenting a kind of mini archive packed with interesting artefacts to help tell the story of Queen in a tangible way.

 ‘Well, the book actually isn’t my creation. It’s one of the very few Queen products that we didn’t have our hands all over. It was actually put together by the Archivist, Greg Brooks, who curated my own collection of Queen memorabilia among other stuff, and Richard Grey, our Art Director. They both came to me and said ‘would you like to share some of this collection with the world?’

 Of course, I immediately said ‘Yes, I think it’s a really good idea’. What they did as a result of that conversation was to throw themselves into the task of putting together this wonderful little miniature museum which tells the story of Queen. You could say it’s like an archaeological dig through our history. I love what they have achieved. It’s so much more than a book. When you open it up you can enjoy the text, however you can also pull out all kinds of Queen mementos and curios. Just by way of example there are fold-out posters, replica concert tickets and lots of other fun stuff. It’s a tactile experience, just like you have the original material in your hand. So, I’d like to pay tribute, the book is really a great credit to those two guys. They put something very powerful together and I’m really proud of what they have achieved.’

 So, what’s inside the The Official Studio Collection Box?

  • All 15 hit studio albums sourced from the original master tapes
  • Mastered by Bob Ludwig
  • Half-speed lacquers cut at Abbey Road Studios
  • Pressed on heavyweight 180-gram coloured vinyl
  • Includes a lavishly illustrated 108-page hardback book


So why all the fuss about Queen on Vinyl? Well, of course this is how listeners first heard the now legendary Queen in the 1970’s. We’re talking about the good old days when vinyl was the predominant format for recorded music. That’s why Queen have once more hit the crest of an already massive wave – a world-wide renaissance of vinyl and record players – with the ultimate set of vinyl LPs, the complete collection of Queen studio albums, re-mastered to the highest standards of quality in both audio and artwork.

 15 albums. 18 discs? What’s the story? Queen always had a special fondness for vinyl, the medium in which they first began to create, around 1970. As a matter of principle, every Queen studio album was offered at the time of original release on vinyl, even well into the era when CDs had taken over as the medium of choice for most of the public. However, the final two albums, ‘Innuendo’ and ‘Made In Heaven’ were actually formatted primarily with the CD in mind, with a longer running time, so the contents had to be edited down to fit them on to the two sides of a vinyl album. Now, especially for this edition, and for the first time, these two albums have been cut at full length as double vinyl LP’s - four sides each – making up a vinyl set that is complete in every way.

 The boxset offers many other special features. Most noticeable is the coloured vinyl: designed for collectors, each album has been given a different colour, in keeping with its original artwork, giving a unique record-deck experience. The colour discs have been custom produced especially for this set, using new material technology which ensures the sound quality is uncompromised.

 There are more surprises in the box set; ‘Queen II’ originally never had a designated ‘A side’ or ‘B side’ - but ‘Side White’ and ‘Side Black’. For this new edition, the album has been cut on two separate discs, black and white, each with a custom etching on the reverse side, a nice bonus for collectors.

 The collection has been five years in the making. Throughout this time Queen’s production team has worked extensively on all stages of this painstaking mastering process. The first step was the tape research; locating and confirming the correct versions and best sources for all tracks. Most notably, Under Pressure, plus five tracks on the ‘Innuendo’ album, were improved hugely after the discovery of better sources during this period. Particular attention was paid to the original releases to ensure that nothing was lost or changed for the worse by reverting to earlier sources.

 The final word has to go to Brain May. ‘I’m really proud of what we have achieved. I’m also proud of the fact that our fans also appreciate the collection. That means a lot to us all.’



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